Plug and Play ECU Manuals


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Plug in Board Manuals

Subaru MY92-MY96 S6PNP Pinouts
Subaru MY97-MY98 S6PNP Pinouts
Subaru MY99-MY00 S6PNP Pinouts
Subaru MY01-Non DBW S6PNP Pinouts
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4- 8 S6PNP Pinouts
Syvecs S6PNP External Connector Pinouts

Plug in Kit Manuals

Audi RS3/TTRS MK3 8V1
Audi RS3/TTRS MK3 8V2
Audi R8 Gen2 2017 +
BMW E46 M3 Kit
BMW E92 M3 Kit
BMW N54 Kit
CanAm Maverick X3 Kit
Ford Fiesta ST MK7
Ford Focus MK3 RS Kit
Honda Civic Type R 2015+
Lamborghini Gallardo LP520 Kit
Lamborghini Gallardo LP560/R8 Kit
Lamborghini Huracan Kit
Mercedes C63/SLS M156 Kit
Mitsubishi EVO X Kit
Mclaren M838TKit (12c, 650S, 570, 600LT)
Mclaren 720
Nissan 350z S7Plus Kit
Nissan 370z S7Plus Kit
Nissan R32-R34 S7Plus Kit
Nissan R35GTR S7Plus Kit
R35 4WD Controller
Toyota GT86/BRZ Kit
Toyota Supra 1994-1998 S7Plus Kit
Toyota Supra 1998-2000 S7Plus Kit
Toyota Supra 1994-1998 S7-I Kit
Toyota Supra 1998-2000 S7-I Kit
Toyota Yaris Gr Kit
Suzuki Jimny 2018 Kit
Porsche 996/997 S7Plus Kit
Porsche 997.2 Kit
Porsche 991.1 Kit
Porsche 991.2 Kit
VAG Group TFSI & TSI Kit
VW Golf R7 MQB Kit
VW-Audi R32 Kit
Yamaha XYZ Kit

Should you have any questions regarding the above manuals please feel free to contact your Syvecs dealer direct.