AWD / 4WD Controller - Toyota Yaris GR

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Introducing the new Syvecs Toyota Yaris GR AWD module which is a standalone AWD/4WD/Centre Diff controller

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Introducing the new Syvecs Toyota YarisGR AWD module which is a standalone AWD/4WD/Centre Diff controller designed to take full control of the AWD system in a YarisGR.

OEM designed controllers are locked down and not adjustable, but by simply fitting our YarisGR AWD Module a whole new level of control is available and no more AWD instant drop outs on the circuit!

The Yaris GR version of the controller replicates all the OEM CAN information as well as pick up lots of variable from the OEM Can to link into the control strategies like Steering Angle, Brake Pressure, Rpm, Tps, Lateral G, Yaw, Long G, Speeds, Temperatures and mode switches

The Diff Mode Buttons on the YarisGR is used for Map switching so allows users to be able to change between Awd Select 1, 2 and 3 duty maps live to adjust the AWD clamping.  You can also enable the burnout mode to be active when Hazards, Handbrake or external switch is active.

Syvecs also sell an optional loom to allow external Burnout switches to be mounted and Live adjustment potentiometers which gives drivers the ability to adjust the AWD Duty on the move or go 2wd from the flick of a switch. (Rally Cars only and must be ordered with the Unit)

Limp Protection options for large slip, high current, high temps which warn the driver but keep awd active unlike the OEM controllers which shut down the outputs which is not ideal with high horsepower or mid corner!

With the use of our Scal Software, users can connect to the Device and adjust over 40 maps to adjust the control of the solenoids/motors used in the AWD systems

Firmware and Software gets updated regularly, check out to make sure you have the latest!


Some of the Maps available

4 x Base Duty Tables

4 x Adders with enable maps:

Left Foot Braking

Front Slip

Rear Slip

Centre Slip

4 x Multipliers with enable maps

Steering Angle

AWD Temp

AWD Pressure

AWD Potentiometer

Tyre Diameter adjustment under sensors

2WD/ Burnout Mode 

Via Dedication Switched input

Via Can bus Message

Via OEM Functions


Maximum Duty

Launch Control Limit

Duty Rate of Change

Decay/Hold Functions

Limp Mode

Over Current Protection

Over Slip Protection

Over Temp Protection

Cooling Pump control

AWD Cooling pump control logic


The Syvecs AWD Unit also has a dedicated Can bus transmit area where users can send variables from the AWD to external control units for monitoring or to OEM Canbus system via custom Identifiers and byte structuring

Sensors / Switches

External sensors can be connected to the AWD module and then linearized in our Scal Software


Frequently Asked Questions

Question - I’ve been reading a bit on this product and just want to make sure I understand the advantages of it.
One is that it doesn’t fully disengage the rear as the OEM does, when the clutches reach around 100 degrees. Correct? It will become more FWD, slower than stock, but not 100% FWD, or it will become 100% FWD but just slower, which I get is safer especially mid-corner?

Answer - Correct it will slowly lower the current to the AWD Solenoid instead of just releasing it fully like OEM. We will only Disengage the rear when 2WD mode is active or the Handbrake is pulled

Question - "you can’t go over 70% rear bias" -read somewhere from Fennsport, is this true?-, which is something we already get as stock form. My question is, does the 30/70% rear bias using your module would feel significantly different from the stock one? I get you can achieve let’s say 35/65% rear or other torque distributions but I don’t find that appealing unless you can get, let’s say 15/85% rear, which would change the behaviour of the car more significantly.

Answer - We are able to run more RWD bias than the OEM Unit, Litchfield did some testing on their advanced MAHA dyno and was able to get slightly more torque to the rear compared to the OEM unit by raising the current through the solenoid. This is fully adjustable in software and the base map is set so that Track mode has this higher current/duty.

Question - So, to summarise, if it neither increases the rear bias over 70% nor increases the temperature allowed on the clutch pack to avoid limp mode -I’ve read in one of your blog posts you’re keeping the same around 100 degres limit as stock-, why would it be worth buying? Apart from increasing safety when going onto FWD.

Answer - As the unit is fully adjustable it allows users the ability to adjust the RWD bias live via Software, OEM buttons or external pots to setup a control strategy to suit the spec of the car. This could be differences in tyre sizes, engine torque curve, temperature limit requirements and much more. Toyota actually use this for their rally builds because of the above.




Maximum of 30 Amps via pin sharing (HBR1&2 or HBR3&4)

Onboard Current Monitoring of each output

2 x CanBus - Configurable Transmit Via Scal Program

4 x Analog inputs for assigning Burnout Switch, Adjustment Pot, Pressure sensor and Temp sensor.

4 x MagnetoResistive ABS Sensor Inputs for direct Speed monitoring

USB Connection - Dedicated Scal software with full calibration control

Mains Power control circuit based from Ignition Switch

Reverse Polarity Protection

Weatherproof Enclosure

125c Temperature capable

6v to 25v capable


Additional information

Installation Manual