What is Spin Target and Wheelspin parameters? Is it a percentage difference between driven wheels and non-driven wheels?

WheelSpin is calculated as (drivenspeed-vehiclespeed)/vehicle in %, the wheelspin target (tcSpinTarg) is then calculated by modifying the base values in the Steering Angle and Lateral G spin target tables. Multipliers and adders are also applied based on settings on Traction control and Calibration Switches also.

Then the strategy kicks in when a tcSpinErr is produced. tcSpinErr is calculated as WheelSpin-tcSpinTarget

The Overal torque reduction demand (tcTrq) is then calculated as tcSpinErr multiplied by Base Gain and the gain multipliers under Calibration switches…  This can be clamped then by Torque Reduction Clamp.

Finally Ignition retard and fuel cuts are applied based on the TcTrq amount vs the Ignition retard and Fuel cut severity calibrations.