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Re: Latest Firmware Releases

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Hello, I have a huracan 610-4 and am trying to develop a good calibration so I can launch with low 60 foot numbers and not spin . Is there a calibration that you guys have put together that I can work off of ? I am new to exotic tuning and am quite lost on how to calibrate with scal. What should I be changing to get nice solid launches on street tires ? I recently changed my tire size from 305/30/20 to 345/30/20 and I believe the calibrator is confused with that and leaves the car extremely wobbly on top end . If you can send a video or instructions that would be great. Also, can I just save a file that allows me to dyno my car on a rwd roller or do I have to change it every time ? Any info will be greatly appreciated as I am eager to learn how to dial this controller in.
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Changes since 1.24.4:

*Added Vbat monitoring support on X4AWD modules
* Changes Item AwdOutputAmps to AwdOutputCurrent

Please ensure you are using the Latest Ssuite software which has USB support -

Help on updating the firmware can found in the via this YouTube Help video -

IMPORTANT: The AWD Firmware is locked to the AWD Hardware. While you will be able to flash the Enc file for a Huracan onto say a R35GTR unit, it will not come online as the hardware key will not match. Ensure you load the correct code.

OLD BOARD - Firmware Version 1.25.1 -
NEW BOARD - Firmware Version 1.25.1 -
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