need some dbw help

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Re: need some dbw help

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I have interesting detail to add, vbat only showing 7.3 v vs 12v ish with voltmeter at ecu power pins.
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Re: need some dbw help

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If vbat at the ECU is only 7v, quite clearly that is a major problem.

Find out why. Something with the wiring is amiss.

Exactly where did you measure 12v ?
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Re: need some dbw help

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These ECU's aren't known for reading battery voltage that accurately, but 7V is wrong. Hope something didn't get damaged.

You could perhaps try swapping the DBW wires to H-Bridge 3 or 4 (Slaveout 5+6 or slave out 7+8), to see if the h-bridge is damaged.
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