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AWD Duty

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First of all, congratulations for all your products. I am a huge fan of Syvecs.

I own a 2018 RS3 sedan and am currently using a gen1 iroz/syvecs haldex controller. I was able to accomplish incredible drag times on the street due to the product. However, as an enthusiast, I would like to understand better what really the potentiometer does in fact. I heard some people saying that 100% means 90% duty. But in fact, what does this duty mean? What does it mean in terms of how much power is going to be sent to the rear? I would like to know that to better decide what % I am going to leave in each situation: street racing, drag racing and normal driving. For now, I dont know what is safe for example to leave while cruising on a road. Understading better how it works would help me and others to improve performance. I watched all syvecs and iroz videos about it, but didnt saw anything explaining how duty works.

Another question is about the updates. Some people said the latest updates are damaging parts. I have the gen1 and never updated anything, what would be the pros and cons to the latest version?

Thanks in advance!
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