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Re: Connection to Plex

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TimH wrote:
stevieturbo wrote:Whilst the 6+ is a very capable ecu, the fact it is a 6 with a CAN expander built in, does pose its own limitations for any future upgrades.

IMO there needs to be serious thought when selecting ecu's at this level/price. If you dont need the comms features the + offers for integration with OEM applications, then often the 8 will be the more future proof choice.
I shouldn't say this on the Syvecs forum lol, but depending on requirements there are some very capable Life Racing offerings, with dual CAN, H-bridges etc., with quite competitive prices (once you've worked through the added-cost options!!). But it really really does just depend on what you need in the way of features.
A lot of their ecu's seem to be based around the "8" so to speak so as such start off with a better CAN setup. Whereas the 6 was always a cheaper base option which LR didnt really have a similar model.

Their fully specced F88 would be the same as an S8 though but of course they offer the F88 with fewer I/O's etc and with less options at reduced cost for those that dont need it all.

I would say that I tried on a few occasions to get some prices off LR and they were most unhelpful, although would imagine they could also be bought through the Syvecs dealers on request ? I never did try that route though.

Although if you did buy a lower spec F88 series....if you then wanted more later, would you be stuck again or can they easily add features or I/O functionality ? Again, all comes down to choosing the right ecu from the outset.
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Re: Connection to Plex

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We're a Life Racing and Syvecs dealer :)

Some options need the ECU sent back if you want to add them later.
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