Forum purpose and "rules"

A place where Syvecs can ask for comments on ideas for enhancements
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Forum purpose and "rules"

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This forum has been created to allow customers, traders, tuners, users and other interested parties to air their views on ideas that Syvecs is considering implementing in their products.

Whilst we have some fairly good ideas that seem to be well received most of the time, we don't have all the answers and sometimes ideas just find themselves in stagnation because it's not clear whether they would actually be of use, there's no point in dedicating engineering resource to "fix" non-existent problems!

This forum is essentially the mirror of the Feature Requests forum, where users ask for stuff. Here Syvecs puts the ideas forward.

There is only one golden "rule" with this forum.... keep the signal to noise ratio high and backup comments with technical reasons (yes, that's just one rule! ;) ). "It won't work" doesn't help anywhere as much as "It won't work because it would violate the second law of thermodynamics if the entropy were to reduce".
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