Mounting GPS module

Pin outs, sensor calibrations etc
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Mounting GPS module

Post by torana »

Is there a preferred mounting direction and car position for mounting the syvecs gps module.

Was thinking module plug output towards car front aerial out towards the car rear, and mounting the module centre of the car around handbrake area on the tunnel.

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Re: Mounting GPS module

Post by TimH »

Must be level and, ideally, central in the car - so in the vicinity of the gearlever/handbrake is right.

The orientation is mandated by the manual - which unhelpfully is nicely vague as directions are described as "x" and "y". I believe it has to be mounted with the connector mounted pointed forwards, but I stand to be corrected on that.
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Re: Mounting GPS module


Here is how to mount it, has or should be central in car, near gear lever works on most cars and connector pointing to front of car, also make sure you take time to mount it level in x & y axis or flat, an adjustable mount helps here.
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