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The Below Link is for the Syvecs PC Software

Latest :15-01-2020 ... -01-15.exe

Install the SSuite package onto your computer and 6 Programs will appear:

• SCal - Used to adjust the maps in the ECU (Calibrate it)
• SCfg - Used to setup the datalogging (Configure which channels and events to log, and how frequently)
• SData - Used to read datalogs from the ECU
• SView - Used to view and interpret datalogs
• SMon - Used to monitor live ECU parameters
• SMsg - Used to monitor ECU status and debug messages
• SDash - Used to Setup D5 Dash
• SPdu - Used to Setup Power Distribution Modules *Coming soon*

Manual can be found here

List of Recent Changes/Fixes

Release notes for latest PC applications (known internally as 2.15.r14c)

In 2.15.r14a

The main applications affected by this release are SDash and PduSetup.

Most changes to SDash are to support independent data-logging on the dash introduced at main code 1.4.0.

Most changes to PduSetup have been to support the new PDUX6

In 2.15.r14b

The main reason for this release is the inability of SDash in r14a to program 1.3.x calibrations

The new SDash also supports 2 new main code versions with minor changes

A new feature has been added to all file selection menus in all the apps called SEARCH

This is triggered by ‘?’ in any file selection menu

It then places all the files in the current folder and all subfolders in a choose dialog where searching based on a short character string is possible

As is can take a considerable time to search through all sub-folders for files of a particular type, this activity is time limited

If it takes more than 5 seconds, the search dialog is aborted and control is return to the popup file menu

In 2.15.r14c

All changes specific to r14c will be highlighted in GREEN

The long standing issue of SNetServer crashing after a power management event has been fixed

If a PC is put to sleep while connected to a LR device, the device will be disconnected after the wake, but can be immediately reconnected

The effect of removing an Ethernet device while connected has not been fixed but has been mitigated in most cases.

The most common example of this is removing a USB-Ethernet adapter or undocking a laptop from its docking station.

In most cases simply closing and restarting all the SyvecsApps will fix the SNetServer, but unfortunately in some cases a reboot is still necessary

We have started using MS OneDrive internally and a side effect of this has been the paths to our SD and SC files have become very long

Most windows applications have a hard limit to the length of the path, this is 260 characters

When this limit is exceeded it is common to for failures in loading and saving files, this was certainly true with the Syvecs applications

This has now been fixed

Changes to individual applications are listed below:

SCal – 2.15.156 to 2.15.276

Bugfix – strategy import / change software version

Bugfix – closing SCal with the IOPins editor open would often cause a crash on exit

New SEARCH option on all file menus

SData – 2.15.63 to 2.15.80

Modified to support LRS files produced by dash as opposed to LRS files streamed from ECU to dash

Logbook acquisition moved before data download so partial data download does not omit logbook

New SEARCH option on all file menus

SView – 2.15.198 to 2.15.218

Bugfix – SD concatenation

Bugfix – stacked traces

bugfix - xyplot axis dragging with multiple y axes, previously only one y axis was rescaled

Add logging config filename to F1 area

Add logging config filename to SD selection popup info window

Modified to support SD files produced by dash

New SEARCH option on all file menus

Rework of SD loading to speedup load times – more threads

PduSetup – 2.15.86 to 2.15.112

Bugfix – simulation crash in FLASH component

Bugfix – translation of highside/lowside/soft outputs between different PDU types

Bugfix – forcing lowside outputs in connected mode

Bugfix - Analogue voltage functionality enabled on first 16 Inputs for X3, X4 and X6, previously only first 4

Bugfix - Attempt to fix corrupted calibration caused by invalid links by deleting the links, this does leave an invalid calibration, but at least it loads

User Update mechanism added to support PDUs

Support for firmware 2.15


Add support for RED messages to dialog following calibration programming

Add “board temp trip” to output config dialog

Default PDUX6 to use new V2 CAN data stream

Enable min PWR and board temp trip options for lowsides

Implement reporting of new output trip types

Default to 0.2A current resolution in CAN stream

New SEARCH option on all file menus

Add option for 0.02V resolution on CAN ANxV, default on

Rename 1st PWM input "ON/PWM" to make chaining of PWM components more obvious

SDash – 2.15.257 to 2.15.276

Bugfix – prevent renaming of PDUs

Bugfix – Cant program firmware prior to 1.4.0

Support for independent USB logging introduced at main code 1.4.0 – new LOGGING tab

Add user read only attribute to pages on display tab – prevent user editting

Add PDUX3 data stream – duplicated PDU34

Add PDUX6 V2 data stream (untested)

Add support for analogue voltage items

Add facility to change current resolution on PDU data streams between 0.2A and 0.5A

Allow non-root IDs to perform feature upgrades (they still require “code-programming” access)

Support for 1.4.3 and 1.4.4

New SEARCH option on all file menus

Option for v1 or v2 PDU datastreams in CANrx (PDUX6 only supports the v2 datastream, X3 and X4 support v1 or v2)

Support for 1.4.0 – not released

Data logging

User read only page template

GPS Beacon DB – Oschersleben, Assen, Zandvoort and Sachsenring

Support for 1.4.1

Enable text size options for label/value on bars in ROAD_ARC and ROAD_ARC2

Support for 1.4.2

Bugfix - Processing of 3 PDU data stream frames added for PDUX4 missed

GPS Beacon DB - UK(Pembrey)

GPS Beacon DB - SouthAfrica(EastLondon, AldoScribante, Zwartkops, Killarney, RedStarRaceWay, DezziRaceway)

GPS Beacon DB - Australia(WakefieldPark, SymmonsPlains, SandownRaceway, QueenslandRaceway, MountPanorama, MallaPark, HiddenValley, BarbagalloRaceway)

Add "Analogue Volts" item for each analogue input

Add continuous detection of changing PDU current resolution (affects display only), previously it only had one shot after power up

PDUX6 page templates (untested)

Support for 1.4.4

Add optional reset parameter to DecLatch and IncLatch math helper functions