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The Below Link is for the LATEST Syvecs PC Software with USB Support

Version 314 - Right Click - Save AS ... -11-10.exe

Install the SSuite package onto your computer and 6 Programs will appear:

• SCal - Used to adjust the maps in the ECU (Calibrate it)
• SCfg - Used to setup the datalogging (Configure which channels and events to log, and how frequently)
• SData - Used to read datalogs from the ECU
• SView - Used to view and interpret datalogs
• SMon - Used to monitor live ECU parameters
• SMsg - Used to monitor ECU status and debug messages
• SDash - Used to Setup D5 Dash
• SPdu - Used to Setup Power Distribution Modules *Coming soon*

Manual can be found here

List of Recent Changes/Fixes

New Logos for SSuite Programs as the old ones were abit dated!

SCal 2.15.314

bugfix – USB reconnect after programming

bugfix - add "function of" strings to make cal tree name unique for cal\goto and worksheet\addcal

bugfix – prevent highlighted messages in CantConnectDialog causing popup after programming

new Syvecs USB library for ErrorDB

SNetServer 2.15.71

Upgraded build tools

Now supports device comms wrapped in J1939 over CAN, this is disabled by default

Bugfix - Much improved remote control

Should now be reliable over mobile phone network

Not compatible with previous 2.15.37 server, both sides in remote link need same version of server

We will keep both EXEs to support feature upgrades where customers using old server

Bugfix – Recovery from Ethernet transmit error, for instance if USB-Ethernet adaptor removed during use

SSetup 2.15.60 (installer)

Show version numbers of installed applications

SView 2.15.238

Bugfix – fix loading of data file when single channel compressed to a specific size, 1 in ~8K chance of loading failure