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Syvecs Limited had been advised of some possibly suspicious behaviour of this installer.

We have attempted to replicate the suspicious behaviour and have been unable to get the same results in our test environment. We have forwarded that information to the party which originally notified us about this and they have now retracted it as a false positive.

Some Antivirus software may still flag it up as potentially harmful. This is thought to be down to the mechanism used to install, which may appear to be suspicious, hence the abundance of caution.

In order to prevent future potential false positives, the way the installer work is being revised and the next release should no longer cause Antivirus software to flag it as problematic.

The Below Link is for the LATEST Syvecs PC Software with USB Support

Latest :16-03-2020 - Version 306 ... -03-16.exe

Install the SSuite package onto your computer and 6 Programs will appear:

• SCal - Used to adjust the maps in the ECU (Calibrate it)
• SCfg - Used to setup the datalogging (Configure which channels and events to log, and how frequently)
• SData - Used to read datalogs from the ECU
• SView - Used to view and interpret datalogs
• SMon - Used to monitor live ECU parameters
• SMsg - Used to monitor ECU status and debug messages
• SDash - Used to Setup D5 Dash
• SPdu - Used to Setup Power Distribution Modules *Coming soon*

Manual can be found here

List of Recent Changes/Fixes

SCal – 2.15.286 to 2.15.2306

Add USB Support

Bugfix - Minor fixes to user update to ensure mechanism consistent with PDU and dash

Bugfix – change to almost any property of multi-channel gauge causes crash

Bugfix – prevent crash if SCal closed with IOPin map editor open (again)

Load while connected now a root only activity

Users must use import instead, import now a more powerful tool

Message on programming success now contextual

SDash – 2.15.279 to 2.15.283

Bugfix - Minor fixes to user update to ensure mechanism consistent with PDU and ECU

Bugfix - While simulating on display tab, kill any popup menu or dialog before a page change caused by MATH function CHANGE_PAGE, this can prevent crashes. This will also be rolled into next main code firmware

1.4.6 Dial-breakpoint feature added to dial-options

1.4.6 Enable dial-options for Race1..5 and RaceArc1..2

1.4.6 variable size rpm numbers and improved rpm ticks on RaceArc1..2

1.4.7 Telltales on RoadArc2 and StageArc2 now positioned according to space adjacent to bottom left/right mon items

SData – 2.15.82 to 2.15.85

Bugfix – reliability of “Load in SView” and “Load latest data in SView” improved

SMon – 2.15.71 to 2.15.73

Bugfix – change to almost any property of multi-channel gauge causes crash

SView – 2.15.119 to 2.15.223

Bugfix - remove debug from file menu

SyvecsSetup – 2.15.48 to 2.15.51 (PC_SUITE INSTALLER)

Bugfix - revert ethernet driver resources back to 2010 versions as resigning has de-certified them

PduSetup – 2.15.114 to 2.15.123

Bugfix – user update completely broken, functionality now consistent with dash and ECU

When adding output to TEAM, copy setting from other team members

Retain output’s trip-output settings even if trip-output removed

Teams of mixed output types (HS/LS/Soft) are now considered invalid

Add new PDUX2 device

bugfix - lowside pullup and can termination enables for PDUX2

bugfix - Enable status output settings in output dialog for lowsides on PDUX devices