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The Below Link is for the LATEST Syvecs PC Software with USB Support

Version 321 - Right Click - Save AS ... -05-04.exe

Install the SSuite package onto your computer and 6 Programs will appear:

• SCal - Used to adjust the maps in the ECU (Calibrate it)
• SCfg - Used to setup the datalogging (Configure which channels and events to log, and how frequently)
• SData - Used to read datalogs from the ECU
• SView - Used to view and interpret datalogs
• SMon - Used to monitor live ECU parameters
• SMsg - Used to monitor ECU status and debug messages
• SDash - Used to Setup D5 Dash
• SPdu - Used to Setup Power Distribution Modules *Coming soon*

Manual can be found here

List of Recent Changes/Fixes

SCal – 2.15.316 to 2.15.321
Widen ability to display item values in HEX
Support for more complex menu security

SCfg – 2.15.64 to 2.15.65
Improved export to TXT file

SDash – 2.15.299 to 2.15.307
Support for dash main code 1.4.12 to 1.4.16 added
new checkbox added to LOGGING tab to set logging or Ecu streaming to internal flash (MMC) rather than USB
major overhaul of LinearisationDialog (more like SCal with grid control)
Add new GUI on DISPLAY tab to set both full name and tab name (abbreviation)
Add new GUI on display tab to GOTO page
Add RX datastreams for PduX2 to CANrx tab
Add support for linearisation of CAN voltages - ONLY - 5V at 1mV/bit

SView – 2.15.240 to 2.15.243
Multiple device messages that occur very close to one and other are now combined into a single tooltip on the traces display. Previously it was possible to miss some of the messages.
Text annotations can now be added from the session menu in addition to a double clicking in the traces area.
bugfix –worksheets that included XY plot with 2 Y axes saves in error, invalidating whole workbook

PduXSetup –2.15.1967 to 2.15.1978
There has been a relatively rare but persistent problem with the previous release whereby under certain circumstance a calibration once saved or programmed could not be read back by PduXSetup.
A number of bugs have been found since that last release that could cause these corruptions.
In addition to fixing those bugs, corruption detection has now been built into PduXSetup.
During editing process, the calibration in intermittently checked for corruption.
If found the UNDO buffer can be used to revoke recent edits and take the calibration back to a point where it can be safely saved to disk.
Corruption detection is now also performed immediately before saving or programming.
PduXSetup’s calibration reading has been made more tolerant of some of the errors leading to a previously unreadable file. Now more often than not most of that file can be recovered.

Add IO Summary Dialog
list details on all assigned soft and hard inputs and outputs
provides method to GOTO specific IO item in schematic
provides export to CSV of all IO details

Simulator improvements
add SimulationReset - for power cycle simulation
bugfix - simulator's handling of ALARM state in hard output
bugfix –Correct action of RESET component, should only clear FAULTed outputs

Calibration validation
bugfix - wrong soft output index reported when CAN assignment not found in schematic
bugfix - add validation of properties of EventIn and StateOut

Custom CAN
Add import of LR ECU Generic CAN transmit datastream from ECU calibration

Output Properties Dialog
make more of effort to highlight edit control in focus if text also highlighted
Bugfix - tooltip help text corrected when soft start selected

Major overhaul of Linearisation Dialog (more like SCal with grid control)