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Post by pat » Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:07 am

The Below Link is for the Syvecs PC Software

Latest :12-9-2019 ... -06-19.exe

Install the SSuite package onto your computer and 6 Programs will appear:

• SCal - Used to adjust the maps in the ECU (Calibrate it)
• SCfg - Used to setup the datalogging (Configure which channels and events to log, and how frequently)
• SData - Used to read datalogs from the ECU
• SView - Used to view and interpret datalogs
• SMon - Used to monitor live ECU parameters
• SMsg - Used to monitor ECU status and debug messages
• SDash - Used to Setup D5 Dash
• SPdu - Used to Setup Power Distribution Modules *Coming soon*

Manual can be found here

List of Recent Changes/Fixes

Changes to individual applications are listed below:

SView – 2.15.156 to 2.15.186

Bugfix - include math items used on current screen when filtering math menu by worksheet or workbook

Bugfix - prevent mouse click between stacked traces hiding channel key

Bugfix – re-evaluate trace reports after time/distance toggle

Bugfix – close all reports only worked if there was at least one docked report

Add support for math item import/export

Add delete to math menu

In math menu show items that don’t parse in RED

Add line of best fit option to XY plots

Rework language used in math expressions (see attached DOC)

“math report” from math function using reportLeft, reportTop and reportData

Lap menu from right click on LAP item in key

Rework lap/statistics report with view to making this dock/floatable in future

PduSetup – 2.15.73 to 2.15.78

New components – LAMP, RSTSW and DIMMER (2.14 main code required)

Bugfix – simulation failed when “too many” LATCH components on schematic

SDash – 2.15.234 to 2.15.247

Bugfix – mathOps calculation too severe when “if” function used

Bugfix – stability after window resize

Bugfix – corruption of background image reference and high/low gauge alarms after user programming

Support for main code 1.3.57, 1.3.60 and 1.3.62

Support for variables in multi-line math expressions

Allow C++ style end of line comments in math expressions eg //this is a comment

Add support for SCal style user updates

Support for 1.3.57

Add "Red Star Raceway" and "Dezzi Raceway" to beaconDB

Support for 1.3.60

Multi-line math expressions

Add variables to math expressions

Support for new tell tales : FAN and REAR-DEMIST

Allow math “if” with no else clause

Support for 1.3.62

New ROAD_ARC2 template

New gauge/item text option/use abbrev or name as gauge label