DBW PPS too slow to respond

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DBW PPS too slow to respond

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I have an issue where my pedal position sensor takes too long to react from 100% to 0% when lifting off. This causes my car to over-rev when shifting gears due to throttle body not closing fast enough thereby delaying 'TPSClosed' state for overrun to kick in.

I must stress the issue here isn't the TPS but the PPS. I have attached a log, take a look at the last 6 ppsA and ppsB spikes. It takes 120+ miliseconds to go from 100% to zero which is too long. On a stock mechanical setup it was 40ms.

The car is a Supra mk4 running DBW on a Syvecs S7 Plus.

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.
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Re: DBW PPS too slow to respond

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Can you also log the AN0X channels the PPSA/B are attached to and/or ppsAV/ppsBV?

What is the pedal from?
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