Several Info and Issue Report

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Several Info and Issue Report

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We are still new in Syvecs Products here in Our area espescially for the tuner. We have an S6+ PnP installed in an MK4 R32 Turbo since now almost 2 month. The car is still under several tests and dyno runs.
We also installed th BT module and frankly it has a lot of positive features. Thank you Syvecs for that

As a PnP setup its too bad that we can no longer read fault codes data from the original ECU. We have to only see this by the Syvecs main software with the Laptop and everything and at the tuners shop.
Would really recommend that Syvecs shows the capabilities to read and erase fault codes via their BT app.
I also would like to recommend possibility to setup alarms related to each sensor.
Possibility to lock the mode we choose at CAL 1 to 10. Not by default CAL 1 each time the car stops ignition. For example if I set the CAL 5 as valet mode, if the person driving just turn off and on the ignition the setup will go bu default at CAL1. So having any CAL to be locked when chosen is a good idea. Dont you agree?
Possibility to have speed in km/h.
Possibility to save data logs.

As for the issues,
1- You have to open the app two to three times so that it could work.
2- RPM data is not accurate.
3- Speed at gauge does not work from time to time it stops working.

This R is being used since only a couple of days under my hands and I am sure in the coming days I would be asking some questions and hopefully get replies.

Thank you Syvecs.
Keep up the good work.
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Re: Several Info and Issue Report

Post by stevieturbo »

I've never used the BT module, so cannot comment on what it can or cannot do.

But you can set error limits/warnings for pretty much all the sensors within the ecu. On top of that there are the safety trips which offer protection like no other ecu.
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Re: Several Info and Issue Report

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