Porsche 997 Turbo - Engine stopped while highway tuning

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Porsche 997 Turbo - Engine stopped while highway tuning

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I was out on the highway last night working on calibrating my fuel map when all the dash lights came on and the engine then shut off as i coasted to the breakdown lane...

This is being tuned on Alpha-N with TPS/RPM as my table axis. I am modifying the base calibration sent over to me from Ryan to suit ID1300s and Garett G770s.

I was only at 25% TPS, and roughly 4500rpm when this occurred. I did notice a few minutes earlier that when i raised the "Maximum DBW Target" and tried to tune the 30%TPS row it wouldn't open the throttle past 25%...not sure if this was a setting or possibly a limp scenario, so i was double checking the 25% calibrations when this happened. (The other odd thing that was happening was the rpm needle on the dash would occasionally wind all the way to the max and hold there, but the actual engine rpm would only be say 2500 or 3000)

After i got to the side of the road i looked for errors, and i had either 1 or two errors pertaining to wheel speed sensors. I thought that was odd. Cleared the errors, and hoped the car would fire back up. No luck.

Status showed that i was synced and connected with the ecu. And there were seemingly no errors apparent. (i am still new to this software suite)

The engine cranks, but does not start. When looking at "syncState" and "runMode" while cranking they both continue to read "STOP"

I thought possibly there is an issue with the trigger system, however i don't have any sensor faults etc.

I fiddled in SCal for well over an hour on the side of the highway before deciding i needed a tow. The car is now back at the shop but still wont start.

Does anyone have a place for me to start? Of course this happened just as i was getting comfortable with the software, i get slapped back to reality.

Greatly appreciate the help.

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