Latest S12 Firmware

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Re: Latest S12 Firmware

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This Link - CLICK HERE is for version 1.693 of the S12 firmware.


Changes Since 1.678

Follow the firmware update guide here -

(in 677)
* increase launch switch service rate slightly
* make launch switch validation time mappable
* prevent (with warning) entering output test mode if any base states on
= rs232 can echo loses rolling counter bits in second byte
= rs232 can echo sends up to 40 frames at fixed 10hz (rate limit map gone)
= s7 only : rs232 can echo option to send syvecs fixed can stream instead

(in 678)
* orfc menu help note list includes tpsClosed help notes
* 'log continually' option to avoid 'log from zero' awkward settings
* limit dbw duty in manual target override mode
* warning on non-zero preliminary injection programmed in DI mode
* lr gps can rx option for new AGN device - AG50 without GPS (ie accel/gyro only)
* new cm map use: coil charge time multiplier (<1)
* new cm map use: wgMapLimitMlt (pre-stability drop)
* new item logOnLoadKiloCycles = logbook header on load cycle count, divided, plus offset and clip
* logOnLoadKiloCycles available as cm axis
* gps speed frame receipt failure sets gpsSpeedFault flag (basic, syvecs)
* gps rx sets gpsSpeedFault unless number of satellites >= x
* alternate vehicle speed selection option if gps selected and gpsSpeedFault
= fuel comp update disable at high load (return line starvation) plus re-enable timer
= s7 : disable s7 can datastream transmit unless slave link up (active)
= s7 : send s7 init can frame at 100hz when slave link down (not active)
= s7 : 662h frame add Vbat, pitSwitch, pitLimitActive

(in 680)
* new cm map use: vvtIn/ExBaseDutyMlt (in particular for ect- or eot-based adjustment)
* H/L U16 monitoring items for total logbook distance to can stream to dash
* H/L U16 monitoring items for total logbook run time to can stream to dash
* H/L U16 monitoring items for total logbook on load time to can stream to dash
* VVT disable run time a function of ect
* option to mark VVT as failed (causing limp mode) while disabled by run time or lack of 720 sync
* wgp-based strategy map drop for prp/turbo fail now has 'never' option
* new cm map use: compute only (raw value; map marked as in use but not connected to any strategy)
* all cm map outputs directly available as cm map axis choices
* wgp adder cm map use range doubled to allow forcing wgp target to 0% regardless of pid action
* new cm map use: fuel cut severity (always computed but only effective in run mode)
* filtered final pedal position delta, ppsFinalDT
* ppsFinalDT available as cm axis
* new cm map use: n2oDutyMlt
* n2oFinal available as cm axis

(in 682)
* option to run lambda heater whenever engineEnable OK (default off)
* clip incoming slave voltages to prevent 5.005V causing trouble
* s7 : ign 11 and ign 12 plus slaving to fuel outputs for sync di pump

(in 687)
* idle speed enable max rpm error cell raised from 1000 to 10000
* monitoring items wgMapMaxMltAct1/2 for existing act correction to map max targets
* option to clip direct injection by time as well as fraction of rev (with popup warning) (di+port mode only)
* option to trip fp only when runtime>=x (with popup warning should only be non-zero for mechanical fuel pumps)
* ability to select bus used for master/slave links 1 and 2 (cannot yet combine with eachother or other comms)
* syvecs slave 1 extended timeouts on s8/s12 as well as s7
* syvecs slave 1 additional fixed transmit stream on s8/s12 as well as s7
* syvecs fixed can stream serial echo optional on s8/s12 as well as s7
* engTrqEstDmdFraction Monitoring item
* new cm map - DBW Multiplier
* rs232 25hz transmit option
* trip enable run time for Fuel pressure trip

(in 688)
- fixed display name typo in clPwm01Targ and clPwm01Err
- make atDstGear a monitoring item
- auto trans option to trigger gear blip request from start through power state
- gear blip strategy now active (for trigger from syvecs can or auto trans) if auto trans enabled
- syvecs can rx does not drive blip request if autotrans active and controlling blip requests
- auto trans separate N>D and N>R safety thresholds
- auto trans shift start/end/ramp duties f(configurable item) (full off/on still single point)
- new cm map use : auto trans lock pressure duty multiplier
- auto trans lock duty always updated (except during shift)

(in 690)
* ten more configurable maps cm211..215 and cm311..315
* auto trans option to retain lockup clutch through downshift
* auto trans gear blip request start state calibration
* set rpmFromVS to rpmAvg if vehicle speed fault
* clip rpmFromVS to minMlt..maxMlt x rpmAvg
* option in paddle down shift to protect by rpmFromVS rather than rpmAvg

(in 693)
* VVT closed-loop failure action - choice of disabled or open-loop (defaults to disabled)
* VVT option to retry closed-loop after failure if engine restarted (required power cycle previously)
* VVT open loop switchover default values now 25000rpm

In the past the code defaulted to open-loop operation if closed-loop operation failed. This was rarely well calibrated and rarely appropriate. We have therefore allowed VVT to be completely disabled in this circumstance (and typically a limp mode will be used). The previous behaviour is available if truly desired.

* the high engine coolant pressure trip threshold is now calibratable against ectMax
* there is a new monitoring item for this threshold, ecpTripHigh

* orfc fuel cuts f(rpm) (default 100%)
* orfc ign rtd f(rpm) (default 0)

Overrun fuel cutoff can now be mapped less aggressively and against engine speed, and may include ignition retard.
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Re: Latest S12 Firmware

Post by Ryan.g »

This Link - CLICK HERE is for version 1.699 of the S12 firmware.


Changes Since 1.693

Follow the firmware update guide here -

(in 694)
* Improved overrun fuel cutoff help notes
* fuelMltOrfcEnd now 1.000 during orfc (matters since 100% fuel cut made possible in 693)
* idle target CM range increases from +1000 to +2500
* gps fault invoked by mappable quality < x
* added vehicle speed fault limp cause (new vehSpdLimp monitoring item)
* limp mode on failed vehicle speed is optional
* optional vehicle speed forced fail when gps reverts to wheel speeds

(in 696)
* limp mode on failed vehicle speed now defaults to NO (on upgrade from <694) to avoid limp when no wheel speeds configured
* new monitoring item dbwTargMax - higher of dbw1Targ and dbw2Targ
* dbwTargMax available as cm axis
* removed torque control driver demand blend out
* new cm map use: torque control driver demand adder
* option to disable torque control driver demand limit when closed loop idle active (defaults to NO)
* renamed torque control Driver Demand Torque Limit to Maximum Driver Demand Torque to avoid confusion between map and function
* torque control driver demand torque limit now disabled during gear blip trail
* new dbw limit item dbwLimitTrq; is beaten by blip (cf dbwLimitPit)
* torque control dbwLimitTrq integrator f(engTrqEstDmdMargin,dbwTargMax) max 100% min dbwTargIdle

(in 699)
* external torque conversion output maps, used to keep OEM TCM's happy by keeping torque values within OEM Limits but allows internal torque calculations to be uneffected.
*new monitoring items engTrqEstFrictionExt, engTrqEstOutputExt, engTrqEstOutputPotExt, engTrqDmdPpsExt (these are the outputs of the Torque S Curve, recommend to be sent in datastreams - Custom Can Transmit for OEM setups
*lambda heater pwm frequency adjustable
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Re: Latest S12 Firmware

Post by Ryan.g »

This Link - CLICK HERE is for version 1.711 of the S12 firmware. RIGHT CLICK AND COPY LINK IF DOESN'T AUTOMATICALLY DOWNLOAD


Changes Since 1.699

Follow the firmware update guide here -


* trqFuelSev available as cm axis choice
* trqIgnSev available as cm axis choice
* rev limit DBW limit now beats gear blip DBW jacking
* activation engine speed error threshold for rev limit DBW limit (so can defer activation until rev limit reached)
* add check for revCutActive to lean lambda service
* changed detection of engine stopped for clutch protection of paddle shifts in pit from runMode!=run to rpm==0
* initial help notes on direct injection pump control operation
* remove Syvecs hard-coded RS232 stream
* replaced RS232 can echo with RS232 Generic Transmit (up to 20 frames; mappable content)


* change launchInStage to launchState in fixed syvecs CAN stream
* calculate map1/ipp1 and map2/ipp2 as new items mapIppRatio1 and mapIppRatio2
* high load timer decay rate and maximum value


* option to disable fuel pump when engine enable switch off
* new item launchStateX (extended/combined launchState and launchInStage)
* change launchState to launchStateX in fixed syvecs CAN stream
launchState should read identically to before. launchStateX should read the same as the old except in stage, where it has a different value (please log both to compare):
launchState : 0=OFF 1=ON 2=CLEARING 100=DISABLED
launchStateX : 0=OFF 1=ON 2=CLEARING 50=STAGE 100=DISABLED


* prevent fpoSwitch turning on while engine is running
* cancel fpoSwitch if pump out cancelled
* remove detent switch vehicle speed protection (caused some confusion and downshift from N protection better anyway)
* disable up/down shift inputs for 250ms after device turn on (in case of runt pulses from other hardware powering up)
* auto trans solenoid outputs full off duty modifier (as existing full on duty modifier)

We then have


* wheel speed linearisation speed=f(speed) for tyre growth (different front/rear curves)
* raw (nominal) wheel speed monitoring items
* use raw (non-latched / cancelled) override switch states for pedal learning validation


* closed loop idle disable by drive ratio error
* closed loop idle base duty learning


* help on value of 7 in manual cam checklists
* add cal offset to logOnLoadTime / logOnLoadTimeL / logOnLoadTimeH
* add cal offset to logRunTime / logRunTimeL / logRunTimeH
* new monitoring item ppsClosed (works from ppsFinal)
* preblip no longer forces orfc but works through gear blip torque reduction
* significant overrun fuel cutoff changes
- option to enable by ppsClosed rather than by tpsClosed
- disabled by gear blip even if pps used for activation
- new monitoring item orfcPct; ramps in and out when orfc engaged / disengaged
- orfc ignition retard applied according to orfcPct; fuel cuts applied when orfcPct is 100%
* update ECU with new list of output statuses from 2-20-x PDUX firmware
* changed yaw to second transmission of rpm in default Syvecs rs232 stream content
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