CAN Bus assignment

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CAN Bus assignment

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Got a loom to do and have the following CAN devices to attach.

Motec PDM30 + Keypad
Motec C125
ECUMaster Can switch v3 board
Syvecs 50hz GPS
Bosch M4 ABS (and yaw sensor obviously)

Is there any benefit in moving any of the devices to CAN2 - I seem to remember that ABS has to be on CAN1?

(ABS is 1Mbit)

I was previously using custom CAN to integrate with the PDM when I had it on the desk over a year ago.

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Re: CAN Bus assignment

Post by Lqqk »

Hi - I’m in the process of setting up a similar setup:

Motec c125 + 8way keypad
Racegrade - TC8 EGT
3x ECUMaster Canswitch V3
Izze racing 6DOF IMU
4x Izze racing tire temp sensor
Canbus TPMS

My 996tt has a 500k canbus for the gauges and abs.

So I was thinking that canbus1 would be 500k for the integration with the car, and canbus2 be 1mb for the additional canbus sensors. I would then have the c125 connected to both canbus 1 and 2 so that I can reduce the amount of custom canbus templates I would need to create to publish data - not sure if this is the best way to set this up or not?
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