MK6 Golf R 2012 DSG

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MK6 Golf R 2012 DSG

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hi new to the page and after some help.
i have been trying for a year to resolve a issue with the can-bus issue. i bought a S8 ecu second hand from a private sale. i had a shop try to make it work and then we found out from syvecs it was the wrong ECU. we then got a new one sent out which had a TFSI connector before the S8ecu its self. we tried that ecu and we still are having the same issue.

From my understanding with the issues

1st S8 ecu i got, car would not go into drive,reverse its couldn't talk to the can-bus/DSG

2nd S8 the new one. car will go into drive ,reverse and in 10 sec cut off and have a can-bus fault

we put the factory ECU on no problem drove the car home after 1 year in the shop
old ecu s8.jpeg
old ecu s8.jpeg (107.63 KiB) Viewed 827 times
new ecu s8.jpeg
new ecu s8.jpeg (93.05 KiB) Viewed 827 times
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Re: MK6 Golf R 2012 DSG

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please contact me at and i will try to help
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Re: MK6 Golf R 2012 DSG

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I'm probably wrong...but I thought in a lot of cases for OEM integration with the likes of DSG, the S7 range had the correct comms stuff built in ?

Not the S8 range ?

The S8 will certainly run the engine though with appropriate GDI drivers etc.
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