Pinout confirmation for FUEL7 and FUEL8

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Pinout confirmation for FUEL7 and FUEL8

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Does anyone have the active pin number used on the OEM connector plugs for the TGV header derived outputs?

The documentation mentions the TGV header pin numbers, but not what they correspond to on the OEM connectors.

the TGV header is listed as

Pin 1 - PWRGND
Pin 2 - TGV Left Hand Open
Pin 3 - TGV Left Hand Close
Pin 4 - FUEL7
Pin 5 - VBAT
Pin 6 - TGV Right Hand Open
Pin 7 - TGV Right Hand Close
Pin 8 - FUEL8

Are these pins connected to the external OEM plugs? If so which pin is connected to FUEL7 and FUEL8 ?
Are there any carrier board links required to activate them or do you have to connect directly onto the TGV header inside the case?

I am using an MY01-05 PNP version.


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