Engine Management Systems Tuning Courses

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Engine Management Systems Tuning Courses

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The Academy of Motorsport Sciences is offering short (2 days) training/professional development courses in Engine Management Systems.

The Engine Management Systems & Dyno Tuning in Theory & Practice course provides a fundamental understanding of engine dynamics, ECU operation and tuning proceedures. The first day is all classroom activities, and the second day you will be using our Rototest chassis dyno to live tune a Svecs S6GP (thanks for the loan of the ECU guys :D ).

The Advanced Engine Management System Calibration course is also short (2 days) and focuses on fuel chemisty and delivery, advanced knock control, engine damage protection, PWM actuator control, PID closed loop systems, 4D mapping systems, advanced dyno tuning techniques, race specific power train needs, and road specific powertrain needs.

For those having attended the above courses, we will be providing a short course specifically for Syvecs calibration.

You can see more at https://www.tdi-plc.com/index.php?pge=c ... motorsport

The course is certificated and endorsed by the IMI and counts towards members CPD qualifications. Attendees so far have been mainly peers within the industry, but it should be of value to anyone who's interested in the subject.

Further courses will be announced in due course.

Please let us know if you're interested.

Thanks for reading :)

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