Secondary Injector Harness

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Secondary Injector Harness

Post by CenTxE92 »

Hi all.

I have one of the new N54PNP kits. My install will include 6 additional port injectors.

At risk of sounding ignorant, I would like to know if B7/B13/B19 (IVBAT) is a suitable 12VDC+ source for the additional 6 injectors. Would it also be appropriate to fuse the additional injector harness, or is this unnecessary?

FWIW, I did search this board and several others somewhat exhaustively with no direct answer. Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Secondary Injector Harness

Post by TimH »

I personally would wire injectors (secondary or primary) to their own fused 12V feed rather than sharing the feed used for the ECU itself. That way, any injector failure doesn't take out the ECU fuse, and allows you to still connect up a laptop and see what's going on.

The existing primary injector fused feed would be a good choice in my opinion - for example R35 GTR secondary injector looms (as well as secondary driver electronics as per ASNU) do it this way and it all works well.
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Re: Secondary Injector Harness

Post by stevieturbo »

As Tim says...simplicity says keep all injectors wired from the same 12v source and fuse. Injectors really do not draw much current anyway so there wont be an issue.

That way if there is a problem, short or whatever the engine just stops, you never see a scenario where some injectors might work and some dont from a fuse blowing.

If you can tap this from the existing wiring to the injectors and then just add the relevant control wires to the ecu....that would be fine.
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