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DCCD wiring / pin question

Posted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:56 am
by dr_jones
Hi have a DCCD wiring / pin question as is relateds to the S6Plus.

My pinouts are configured as:

H-Bridge7 / SlaveOut7H-Bridge7 / SlaveOut7H-Bridge7 / SlaveOut7 --> DCCD+
H-Bridge8 / SlaveOut8H-Bridge8 / SlaveOut8H-Bridge8 / SlaveOut8 --> DCCD-

In terms on ECU I/O config, am I simply assigning:

Outputs: Diff Pressure Control (Centre) --> SLAVE1 OUT #7

As I dont see anywhere on the I/O where I could viably connect my DCCD- at all

If that is the case how does the ECU 'know' whats hanging off SlaveOut8?

Finally - I read here that non coil driving outputs (ign) require an additonal schottky diode installed - I'm assuming that these SLAVE 1 out #7 would not being a general purpose output.