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rally car application

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2012 9:29 pm
by gollach
Hi everyone

I'm after some help and advice, and hopefully some services!!

I would like to install a standalone ecu into my rally car to replace the current GEMS plug and play unit. In order to do this I want a properly made engine loom to suit my locations etc due to using a magnesium rotated inlet and having some specifically located or changed items.

Now after having taken some advice and bought the relevant parts (DBW, coilpacks etc) the company who were going to build the loom and do the mapping no longer seem interested which is a shame as they seemed to talk the job. Strange in this climate a customer who has cash waiting but there you go!

I beleive I want to install the following,

Air Temp
Fuel Pressure
Oil Pressure
Water Temp
Oil Temp
Crank Position
Cam Position
DBW throttle control

I would like to drive new age coilpacks.

I would like an output to control cooling fans, water injection, als, full throttle gear change, launch control and ideally switchable maps to allow for different fuels.

Now I'd trade any of the above really to give a reliable install which will look after the engine! So basically I'd appreciate any advice on what I do and dont need, whether to go for an S6 (ideally from cost point of view) or S8 and indeed whom I should get a loom building by and mapping by, I've no aversion to travelling to have the mapping done. Also I have made car looms in the past but not ecu ones so even someone who would guide me in the making of the loom would be good as I need to get some forward progress on this project or it's going to end up another subaru breaking!!

Any advice welcomed


Re: rally car application

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:38 pm
by Jasper K

An S6 should be able to do everything you have put on your requirement list. Are you running AVCS heads (since you mention CAM Position instead of CAM signal)? If no it won't take any additional Input/Ouputs from what you mentioned but if yes the amount will go up because you have sensors for each cam pulley as well as 2 solenoids driving them.

In order to drive the DBW you will need an External H-Bridge Driver which Syvecs can provide. The S6 can handle almost anything as far as 4-cylinders go as long as they have coils with built-in ignitors (like New Age coilpacks).

With a "Calibration Switch" you can have upto 8 positions which can Toggle 4 different Fuelmaps and 4 different Ignition Timing maps to have maps for different Fuels and/or Power delivery.

The S6 supports Full-Throttle shifting, 4x different ALS maps (selectable by Cal. Switch), Water Injection, Launch Control. Control of Cooling fans (I assume you mean radiator fans) is ofcourse standard.

Whether the S6 ultimately can be used or not will depend on what type of sensors you have on the engine and whether they match the variety of Inputs. When the amount of Inputs is not enough it makes sense to consider the S8 but it isn't likely that you will exceed those.

Crank/Cam - 2x Bipolar Input
MAP/Oil Pressure - 2x 5V Input
Water Temp/Air Temp/Oil Temp - 3x TH Input
DBW - 4x 5V Input
Cal.Switch - 1x TH Input
Flatfoot shifting - 1x 5V Input
EGT - Dedicated K-Type Input
L2H2 - Dedicated NTK Input

Best Regards,