LOW LOAD CUT adder (full auto gear control)

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LOW LOAD CUT adder (full auto gear control)

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hello, would be nice to be able to switch between either pps or manifold pressure for the low load gear cut threshold for turbo charged engines.

eg: say low load cut is 20% throttle. going up a hill or constant 20% is enough to build boost slowly, to the point where the low load cut severity fuel cut isn't sufficient, but the closed loop main cut is to severe

OR have a manifold pressure adder to the main cut TO MODIFY THE SEVERITY ( street driven sequential gearbox with paddle shift)

basically some kind of manifold pressure adder to be able to fine tune the main cut in the low boost/moderate engine torque areas. but not wide open 800hp etc etc.

or i have the wrong idea/haven't worked out how to implement all the ramp in/out strategies yet...

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