Worksheet and Layout Export/Import

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Worksheet and Layout Export/Import

Post by KulinPapa »

Could it be possible to make Exportable and Importable the Gauge Layouts in SCal, and the Worksheets in SView ? It takes several hours to migrate the settings when needs to change to a new laptop.
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Re: Worksheet and Layout Export/Import

Post by pat »

Hi there!

I believe this is on the ToDo list, you're not alone in requesting it so watch this space :) In the meantime you can probably achieve the result that you want by copying the registry tree for the SCal application from the original machine to the one that wants a copy of your settings. Less user friendly but it will save some time.


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Re: Worksheet and Layout Export/Import

Post by stevieturbo »

See here, it doesnt take hours...but it does still need a proper solution

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