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Re: Logging

Post by pat »

There is currently no option for recording lambda or fuel corrections in Syvecs.
You can log it - you're looking for lam1, cllError and fuelMltCll1 in the logs :)

If you can then be bothered to export that data as csv, along with rpm and primary load, it would be possible to build up an average correction table based on that data - but you may also want to log tps or fuelAddTfc so you know to disregard values during sudden changes - you only need to take into account steady state corrections when dealing with the main fuel table - you'll want to address the dynamic corrections separately.


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Re: Logging

Post by stevieturbo »

But a full correction table available in SCal would be nice...hint hint ;)
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Re: Logging

Post by black »

Such a function direct in syvecs suite would be a very nice feature - this is what I miss most of all :cry:

And of course in spite of that - one always has to filter the data to ensure the dynamic corrections to not distord the calculations of lambda.

But I have done it hundred times this way:

Driving the car with most possible steady conditions through the gears and all load and rpm ranges and log the required data.

After that, setting filters (f.e. TPSacc, rmp, Lambda range, cell hit count etc) in Analyzer to exclude any ares with acceleration enrichment and overrun etc.

(f.e. --> use all data with: cellcount > 150 AND Lambda < 1.1 and Lambda > 0.7 and TPCacc=0 and rmp > 2000 and injpw >0) maybe more filter variables, just an example.

after that, Analyzer calculates the Lambda error und calculates the necessary correction in injpw oder VE table

I use this as a time saving tool not as a autotune function. Autotune can be very dangerous of course. I always review the calculations with the logfile.
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Re: Logging


^ The tools are already there ;) All you need is some maths channels + set up worksheets, and the data you want just needs to be 'extracted'. I filter out all instances that rule the Lambda or MAP Invalid

It works ok. Various sheets looking at the data, and a few different ways of looking at it to speed up the process.

Some are different depending on what I want to focus on more quickly etc.
I have to get around to Pat's suggestion of exporting as a CSV and generating a table, so many things to do and not enough time !!! :x VLOOKUP, MATCH and all that other rubbish does my head in :( If anyone can tell me a simple enough formula using the right functions to assign non precise map and rpm points from the .csv table file to the Lambda correction to match up your assigned break points (closest match) then I am ALL EARS :D



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Re: Logging

Post by dr_jones »

Any news / progress on this at all? - I've just begun tuning my base fuelling map and am struggling somewhat without the ability to record AFR/RPM/MAP etc and 'replay' runs within SCal in order to correct the main fuelling table.

Whilst I appreciate you can use SView to work out where fuelling was off it's a far far slower / more laborious process that in was in dare I say for instance Autronic's ECUCAL s/w where of course you could do just that....
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