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Gear Cut/Blip on H-Pattern gearbox

Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2012 4:16 pm
by Jasper K

I have been thinking of a way to do a VERY simple implementation of Gear Cut/Blip on an H-Pattern gearbox.
At the moment there is a seperate Gear Cut Request and a seperate Gear Blip Request. This all works well on Sequential boxes where you can employ a proper load cell which gives for easy recognition since "Backwards" lever movement is UP a Gear and "Forward" lever movement is DOWN a Gear. However most people do not have such a gearbox and are still racing with H-Pattern Synchromesh gearboxes.

I think the following can be done:

- ADD a combined Gear Cut/Blip Request to the I/O (Keep the original ones for sequential racing gearboxes). The CLUTCH signal should be assigned HERE.
- ADD Code in the Processor which checks TPS/PPS to decide whether to do Gear CUT or BLIP based on settings.
- ADD a selector for TPS or PPS. PPS (DBW) should work nicer but TPS would also be OK on Cable-Throttle cars.
- ADD Gear Cut TPS/PPS Enable threshold (Adjustable). EG set to 10% (which means it is ACTIVE from 10% and higher)
- ADD Gear Blip TPS/PPS Enable threshold (Adjustable). EG set to 10% (which means it is NOT-ACTIVE from 10% and higher).

Now an example:

If you were on the track going into a corner with your foot OFF the throttle and pressed the Clutch ready to downshift you would get a BLIP since PPS/TPS is lower than 10%. When you are ON the throttle with PPS/TPS higher than 10% for example and press the Clutch you would get a Gear Cut.

In my opinion it should be pretty Bombproof. Especially on a DBW car where you can manipulate TPS without affecting PPS.
On Cable-Throttle cars there should be a Mask Time which prevents the Processor from checking TPS after it has made a decision and the Throttle Jacker is active UNTIL the CLUTCH is released which should RESET the mask and check again for current TPS, etc.


Jasper Kopinga
CS Racing

Re: Gear Cut/Blip on H-Pattern gearbox

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:55 am
by Benkku
Surely one can employ an tension/compression load cell, to most H-pattern boxes. Easiest thing to mount on, one of the FWD car gear change link rod. For the RWD cars, there is bending type load cells available, mounting to the gearstick. Instrumentation is always more bombproof, than pattern logic, which might get confused during slightly differencing situations.

Re: Gear Cut/Blip on H-Pattern gearbox

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2012 9:56 am
by Jasper K
Just found the function as I more or less described is already implemented in almost the same way in the S8 :mrgreen:
Perhaps something to port over to the S6 to make more people happy ;)