Manaul/Auto Gear control with strain guage overide

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Manaul/Auto Gear control with strain guage overide

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Hey guys. was wondering if we could have an update to the gearbox control functionality.

main issue: i have auto and manual gearbox control options configured. via "switch" but if i change from auto to manual while the car is going it defaults to open loop manual mode on the main cut, blip remains in closed loop mode, or it gets confused and doesn't know the shift direction. ie wont cut if i request a cut via the stick. till i cycle the power. but still blips ok.

what i was wondering is it possible to make the next firmware (s8) be able to override auto control if it sees a strain gauge(manual cut/blip request input from the stick? but still default to auto mode

ive found that in traffic, the air/auto shift speed is to fast for low speed driving. ie less than 3000rpm. especially going into first at a set of lights.. (my settings arnt 100% but about as good as i can get it at low speed)

(life racing "clubman" compressor has really small output and each change uses ~2psi. even with an auxiliary 2.5l tank on top of the one supplied with the compressor unit 140psi system pressure, a good quick "motorkhana" or "back streets run" can drain it to below 120 really fast (min pressure) and it stops working. (set to that because thats the lowest pressure it can move the shifter at)

so summing up, at a minimum id like the ability for the ecu to default to closed loop shifts when going from auto to manual. (dont know why it doesn't because its all set to closed loop) and with the added feature to override auto mode if a manual cut or blip is requested. basically delete the "switch" portion of the mode setting. that way if there is a failure of compressor or linkage, can keep going with out having to cycle the power. :D
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