Using two calibration switches

Pin outs, sensor calibrations etc
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Using two calibration switches

Post by Wez »

Hey All,

I now have two calibration switches, one for normal use and the other dedicated for traction control.

They both have red, black and white wires. I am guessing they are the following :-

Black : negative
Red : Reference voltage (guessing +5v)
White : Signal to ECU

As I am using two I want to make sure that both switches can share the same reference (red) and negative (black) feeds to reduce the wiring as I was planning on using a single four way connector, is this correct?

Thanks :)
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Re: Using two calibration switches

Post by jezzpalmer »

Yes, sounds right - that's exactly what I've been doing this evening.
I'll also be using the same +5v and angnd to supply my accelerometer.

Wire the switches in parallel, not series.

Once you've got it wired in, make sure that the threshold voltages in 'Sensors - Traction Control Switch' are correct by indexing through the positions of the switch nad checking the correct position is indicated in SCal.

Quick Q, do you simply set the TC gain to 0 to turn TC off via the switch?

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