E85 vs. Meth mixes.

Pin outs, sensor calibrations etc
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Jasper K
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E85 vs. Meth mixes.

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Now that the Flex Fuel strategy is supported it opens up a whole new scope of improvement for performance without a lot of hassle.
I have been a frequent runner of some Meth mixes and it works very well.

However one questions that comes to mind is the following:

E-85 is said to have an octane rating of around 105.
This fuel is awesome on knock limited engines and a lot of performance can be gained from using it.

However over here (Taiwan) it's not avaiable and also in other countries the availability is dropping vs. the past.
I have thought about making a Meth mix to regain the octane that is roughly the same as E-85

The "usual" 20% Meth mix w/ 98 RON isn't enough as it will yield roughly: ((10L * 120 Oct) + (50L * 98 Oct)) / 60L = 101.6 Octane
Some say Meth = 130 Oct. In that case the calculation is: ((10L * 130 Oct) + (50L * 98 Oct)) / 60L = 101.6 Octane = 103.3 Octane.

Still not on PAR with E-85 it seems. I've been thinking of making an approx 40% Meth mix which should work out to:

If Meth = 120 Oct. then ((25L * 120 Oct) + (35L * 98 Oct)) / 60L = 107.16 Octane
Some say Meth = 130 Oct. In that case the calculation is: ((25L * 130 Oct) + (35L * 98 Oct)) / 60L = 101.6 Octane = 111.34 Octane.

Now we're talking! Has anybody tried this? What are the gains. I reckon it should go quite well provided you have plenty of injector!

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Re: E85 vs. Meth mixes.

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Why don't you run full Methanol if its available there and you have the right supporting mods?
Yes methanol have higher octane number but not 130. If my memory serves me right it should be 114 RON whereas the ethanol 109 RON.
I have ran both and failed with %30 methanol. It did a lot of damage to the fuel system.(no supporting mods)
I have heard that M85 is very popular in China. Not sure if they mix any other chemical to meth as it is very very corrosive for metals and plastics.

I am running E100 on my daily drive car. It is cheap but not easy to find. Gasoline 4.5 TL per liter, E100 2.5 TL p/lt so we have bought 2000 liters with some friends :twisted:

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