25036751-GM IAT Sensor Calibration

Pin outs, sensor calibrations etc
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25036751-GM IAT Sensor Calibration

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First of all I dont know the pullup resistor that was used in S6 Ecu but according to sensor DB I guessed it should be 3Kohm. I`m sure Pat has something to say about it. I have uploaded simulated voltage table in excel format and calibration file for sensor database. Use it your own risk

This is the sensor I have and it has tempreture chart there..
http://www.bmotorsports.com/shop/produc ... ts_id/1597

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This is the sensorDB text file (txt attachments are not allowed just rename xls to txt)
TEMPERATURE - GM_IAT_25036751.xls
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Re: 25036751-GM IAT Sensor Calibration

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Thanks for doing that. :)
It will be interesting to see if your choice of pull-up is right.

I have this sensor, though I created a curve manually using a digital thermometer.
However I feel it's wrong at the higher end of the scale, I'm seeing higher IATs than expected, if your calibration is right then it would give lower temperatures, closer to what i'd exepct, though possibly still a bit high.

The GM sensor is very fast, it shows temp drop within ~0.25 of a second after lifting off; previously I was using the PFC/RX7 sensor which continued to increase for 10 seconds after lifting off. :o

However, with the thermistor being open I have some concern to how well it will cope with water injection.

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