2UZ Engine and A750F Gearbox Control?

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2UZ Engine and A750F Gearbox Control?

Post by Dan »

Long time since I last posted here folks.....

I seem to find myself less interested in the Supra nowadays and am working through oddball project ideas instead.

Does anyone know if it would be possible to replace the OEM ecu in a 2004 4.7L V8 Landcruiser Amazon (the big one!) with a Syvecs?

I'd like to fit a vvti 2uz instead of the regular non vvti 2uz and then got to thinking about engine control...obviously the syvecs was first option as I love it in the Supra. The biggest problem I see is that the OEM landcruiser ecu is controlling both the engine and the gearbox.

Is it possible to control both with the syvecs and have the gearbox working like normal or would the syvecs have to operate in some sort of strange piggyback config to only do the engine control?


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Re: 2UZ Engine and A750F Gearbox Control?

Post by pavlo »


You might need some additional I/O depending on what you've got on the go, or perhaps an S8 if you're feeling spendy, but it can definitely do it.

For LPG, I think it would also be possible, obviously we are talking a lot of I/O so probably not economic as new LPG controllers are actually pretty good.

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Re: 2UZ Engine and A750F Gearbox Control?

Post by stevieturbo »

Dont most LPG controllers just mirror the petrol injectors anyway ? I think some have the ability to fully map fueling, although doubt very many installers actually do it.

From what I gather they just run on petrol, switch to LPG and monitor lambda sensor behaviour, and just trim the LPG map +/- until Lambda trims remain fairly close to zero. After that it is assumed LPG injection is where it needs to be compared to petrol.

If you retained the piggyback LPG kit, you could still fully tune for LPG properly with the Syvecs as normal anyway.

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