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Syvecs questions... S6 - FBW and ABS

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:00 pm
by Mike B
Hi All,

I have an S6 mapped by Ryan, on a '99 VVTI supra, controlling the FBW throttle, VVTi and all the other bits that I have struggled to master for many years. Overall very impressed.

There are a few things I would like know though - a few bugs still yet to iron out.

The FBW is very good but has a couple of niggles.

The first is that it uses two throttle position sensors, and takes and average of both to quantify where the butterfly is. Now if one sensor is different to the other then it will log a yellow advisory warning, and it does this constantly - one sensor is slightly out. If it is a long way out it logs a red and this cuts the engine! It's happened to me out on the road and not ideal... is there a way to even them out in the softwear, so they have a nominal parity to avoid warnings and cuts? Obviously a new throttle body would do the trick... (which I don't want to buy!)

The second is that idle is set at 950 rpm, controlled entirely by the butterfly. Trouble is that when you come off throttle and the revs fall, the throttle doesn't always catch the idle before the engine stalls - it's pretty crude. Is there a system within syvecs that let the rpm fall to say 2000, then let it down very slowly to 1000? At the moment it is crashing and stalling out. Annoying!

Lastly - Traction control.
The system worked on first install, but since stopped working. I can record logs of wheelspin, so the ECU is registering the rears lighting up, but does not do anything about it... for this I really need to speak to Ryan, or post up the logs and config files..

Thanks for reading!


Re: Syvecs questions... S6 - FBW and ABS

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 9:18 am
by Ryan.g
Hi Mike

Some of the Toyota DBW throttle units have the worse linearisation curves I have ever seen and unfortunately the 2000+ Toyota supra is one of them. One of the signals from the Throttle is a clean straight signal, the other is not and quite frankly horrible and has a slight delay! This makes it difficult in setting up the a/b validation between the 2 sensors.

But if the engine is cutting then it could be a signal drop out and would like to see a log of this please.

What's I would suggest is sending me your current calibration and a log so I can see how lazy the second is now and change the a/b settings timing.

In regards the idle issue. This just needs the idle base duty increasing (which on DBW car relates to throttle opening) I can do this very quickly over remote connection.

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Re: Syvecs questions... S6 - FBW and ABS

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:04 am
by Mike B
Update -
Thanks to Ryan for solving all issues.
A lot of adaptability in the Syvecs system, very impressive.